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Timber Garages to buy UK
Here at Hortons Portable Buildings we aim to supply the largest range of styles and designs of structures to park your vehicles in. We have been supplying timber buildings in various designs and styles for a number of years, developing new ranges all the time. There are a large number of garages on display on our showground near Horsham, West Sussex, including sectional, framed & clad, interlocking, Beamlock post and beam (from Metsa Group) and concrete prefabricated models.


Timber Building Expertise
Our expert knowledge base is both wide and deep, as we have actually have first hand experience of all of the required processes for manufacturing wooden buildings. Be assured that, although  our prices will be cheaper, the quality is exactly the same or better, meaning you will be very surprised at how affordable our garages are (even our triple bay or quadruple bay models are still more affordable than a brick built single garage!). We also offer a number of different options for open sided carports as well.
Fully Insulated Room Over Garages 
Apart from normal single storey garages, we also offer “room above”garages, which utilise the Beamlock skeleton structure which is already certified to comply with building regulations for structural strength. The roof is then constructed on top of this (can be a simple gable end, hipped or Dutch Barn ended) in such a way that it accommodates a useable attic space which can be fully insulated for habitable use, with access gained by either an internal or external  staircase- ideal for a separate live-in annexe.