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Timber Garages Post and beam buildings

Timber Garage Post And Beam Buildings

Timber Garage  Post And Beam Buildings

Not sure if you can build a Post and Beam building yourself?

The Post and Beam System automatically creates true 90? degree angles, both in the horizontal and vertical. Due to the simplicity of the connection system, you cannot get the angles wrong! Whether you choose the Solidlox (mortice and tenon joints) or the Beamlock system (metal brackets), they couldn't be simpler.

All Solidlox buildings are pre-fitted at the factory to ensure trouble free installation on site, whether it is a green oak framed garage or a room above douglas fir post and beam annexe - you can be sure that it will be a perfect fit. Oak framed building have been about for centuries because of the excellent strength provided by the mortice and tenon joints which are very easy to build - just slip the shaped end of one piece of timber into the hole cut into  the side of the adjoining piece.

All of the timber components which make the Beamlock structure spend approximately 15 days in individual kilns drying out to 15% (+/- 3%) humidity during which time the timber contracts by about 10% and reduces in weight by about 40%. This reinforces how good this system is - wood movement can cause standard timber joints to loosen over time whereas the Beamlock joint will never loosen because it's not made from timber.

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